Boldrini Selleria since 1955

Boldrini Selleria Borse

Boldrini Selleria was founded in 1955 very close to the city of Florence, in Tuscany. From the very beginning, along with a skilled team of craftsmen, the company stands out for the unmistakable style, quality, and value of its bags. The pursuit of excellence has been passed down from father to son and still the passion is recognizable in any of the products coming out from this important "artisan's shop" where classic style purses are updated with a modern and contemporary touch being able to withstand to an ever-changing world.

Every item is manufactured with the best Tuscan traditional methods, which, after many steps and careful quality inspections, turn them into exclusive, distinctive products. The origin of the “Boldrinis” is still alive as the first day, whose principles are those the company is built on; a company that for 60 years has been producing timeless handbags and accessories: evergreens.

Boldrini Selleria dal 1955

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