Do you ship globally? Yes!

Shipping rules

We prefer to have a direct contact with our customers instead of a creating a classic e-commerce. For this reason we ask you to send us a request through our website, facebook fan page, or email and you will receive all the information about product/colors availability. You will be contacted as soon as possible at the email that you provide in the filled form to inform you about availability of models and colors. In case of availability we'll send you a request of payment through the new service called Nexi Pay-by-Link which is a web POS service. You will be able to pay with any credit card using the link that you will receive.

Nexi Pay-by-Link

Alternatively you can request payment via transfer to bank account. In case of unavailability of the goods we'll send you all informations about waiting time and payments. For the delivery we use EMS, DHL or Poste italiane. Shipping charges depend on the size, the weight of the items to be sent and the destination. You can still express a preference for the courier.

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